Understanding the Differences between European and American Golden Retrievers "Joy and loyalty wrapped in sunshine is the perfect description of the Golden Retriever, a top dog for families, handicapped owners, and obedience competitors. The Golden lives to learn, to generate smiles, to romp with the children, and to please his owners. He's a bundle of canine cheer without an unkind bone in his body."

--Dog Owners Guide, the online magazine for all pets and show dog owners

The American Golden

The golden lovers of the United States are more familiar with the "American Golden Retriever", with their honey colored coat in many shades of gold. Breeders in the United States raise their Golden Retriever puppies using the breed standard set forth by the American Kennel Club and abide by their breeds code of ethics. It is important to know that breeders in each country breed and raise their Golden Puppies in the same manner, using their breed standard set by their kennel registry and abide by the code of ethics for their country. European bred Golden retrievers or the "English Cream Golden Retrievers as they have been recognized as" are the norm in Europe, with their cream colored, thick feathered coats, dark brown almost black eyes, black pigment and blocky/stocky muscular build.

The breed standards differ somewhat in height, weight, and color.But only by a inch of so, pound or so, and shade of "lightness" in color.

The European Golden

Dillon's Outstanding Goldens by Design, offers the best of both worlds. The American and the European bred Golden Retriever. Our European bred puppies are bred true to the European standard using our Imported bloodlines and will generally be light to almost white in color.

Our English/American puppies are a combination of our European and American bloodlines producing puppies of English type and are light blonde in color....

Our American bred puppies are bred true to the American standard using our American bloodlines and will be golden in color...

Whether you are looking for a European bred puppy or an American puppy you should always look for a reputable breeder that is knowledgeable about the breed and the standard from which it originated. It is important to understand the evaluation/certification process of these beautiful bloodlines before choosing your puppy.If you are interested in acquiring a European bred puppy it is important to know that the certification process varies from country to country and the process for evaluating them may vary from our traditional American standards.

It is also important to know that there is also what is known as "English Type".European bred puppies are bred from 100% European bloodlines giving you the true European standard. English Type puppies are bred from an English combination of bloodlines producing puppies that look similar to the European Goldens but may or may not have all of the characteristics of a Full European bred Golden.


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