Hi Kim,

Here are some more pictures of Jake as promised.

He is adjusting to his new home, and the cats are tolerating him well, however Jake does not understand why the cats do not want to get down on the floor and wrestle with him!

Jake has lots of personality, is strong willed, and likes to play outside a lot. He learned to "fetch" really fast, and he proudly carries sticks in his mouth as we are walking around the back yard.

We have found that the more he plays, and exercises, the better his behavior is.

Potty training is going well, and he now understands what "no" means.

Jake is a very smart, sweet, and loves to cuddle a lot.

We feel very lucky to have such a great dog.

Sincerely, Rob and Christine




Hi Kim,

Just wanted to let you know that Jake is developing into the sweetest golden puppy! He is very playful, and loves our nieces, nephews, and the snow. He is doing well in his puppy class, and loves to socialize with his classmates. Jake has lost all of his baby teeth and has the cutest smile! His adolescent coat has lots of cream colored curls with light apricot highlights, and he gets lots of compliments every time we take him out. Thanks again for your dedication to such a fine breeding program, and thanks for such a wonderful addition to our family.


Rob and Christine




Hi Kim,

Congratulations on the arrival of Marley/Sawyer puppies. They are adorable. I always enjoy watching the puppies grow as you post new photos.

P.S. Jake just keeps getting more handsome and sweeter by the day! We have taken him camping twice this spring so far and he loves it. He also loves swimming in the great lakes, and is very good at retrieving sticks out of the water!

Have a nice spring,






Hi Kim!!

You must be a little lonely without anyone in the nursery! But that'll only last a couple more months, eh?!! I'm not finding much time to sit in front of the computer these days--wonder why?!! Daisy is doing well. I can't believe how much she has already grown! She has a great personality! We are enjoying her enormously, and just like our human babies, we are torn between wanting herr to stay a baby, and wanting to see the beautiful young dog she will become!!! I'll send some pix when I have time!!!

Thanks again for a beautiful pup!


Hello again, Kim.

I've been meaning to send you some 4-month photos of Daisy and the news about Titan somehow made it more important...See how beautiful Daisy is continuing to become! Looks like she got Sawyer's handsome profile--head and muzzle, and some of Allie's pretty honey color. She remains VERY EXUBERANTLY friendly to ALL people, especially little children, and also very active! She requires LOTS of exercise--the snow-covered hills are just the thing! The 3 year old little red horse, Rosie, is her buddy now; they run and run!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Daisy @ 5 months of age....

Hi Kim!

Daisy (Allie x Sawyer) is 5 months old this week! She is SUCH a very loveable character! Here are some photos from the last couple of days. Note that she STILL loves to be picked up--she never struggles when Steven picks her up!!! She is about 45# now. Usually we think she favors Sawyer A LOT in her appearance, but look at the last picture--Allie, huh??!! We start puppy classes this month.

Now don't hold us to this, Kim, but we still might want a second dog. Way too early now, (!!) but we MIGHT come and check out Clover and Nash later in the summer. We'll see..!!

Hope your (long) winter is going well and all doggies and humans are happy and healthy!


Daisy @ eight months of age

Hi Kim!

I'm enjoying watching your current litter getting bigger and more beautiful!

I had to send you this photo of 8 month old Daisy (Sawyer x Allie) being held by my youngest son Steven on his high school graduation day! As you see, she is growing up very beautifully! She still is a lap dog--anytime we are sitting on the floor! She is VERY friendly to ALL--wildly so at that! She continues to be a VERY active dog and requires a lot of exercise. Good thing we have 14 acres to run around on every day !(Remember how all her early photos were blurry because she was always moving?!) Although she learns fast, there are times she gets so wild that she just forgets everything! Almost like a child with ADHD!! We are persisting with her training though, and we are on our second course of "puppy class," not because she doesn't know the commands--she is smarter than the others by far, but just because she has a really hard time concentrating with all those other people and dogs around. She is by far the most gorgeous dog we've ever owned, and we get constant comments when out in public with her.

Best of good luck with your current and upcoming litters,

Your Friend, Kathy

Hi Kim!

Happy New Year to all of you!

Daisy (Allie x Sawyer) continues to mature and is becoming the lovely girl we knew she would! We start CGC and Therapy dog classes soon!

I continue to enjoy your website pix and drool at all the gorgeous pups!

Best wishes from Big Rapids!



Happy Holidays,

Just an update on Blu: He is so cute and growing leaps and bounds! He will be a fixture in our Christmas cards this year.

Blu has been great. We have had so much fun with him.

Thanks for everything,


A Happy New Year Wish from Blu. He is growing by leaps and bounds. We are having so much fun with him.

Yours, Sarah


Happy New Year from Blu,

He is growing so fast it is hard to believe he is only 5 months old. He loves the snow and as you can see spends a lot of time digging. (As you can see we have a lot of snow this year!) Mike has taken him on a few short snowshoe treks. Blu's paws get a little cold after a while. We have not bought booties yet! He has become very social with the neighbor dogs Abby and Nebo. He sits at the window and waits to see if they are out so he can play!

Blu is such a great dog.

The Holidays were so hectic I never did get a reservation in on your next litters.

Do you still have any reservations left?

Please let me know,


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