Hi Kim,

Just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday. Westin just got his last round of shots and he's up to a whopping 32 pounds!! How are his brothers fairing? He's doing fabulous here and all three dogs are getting along great.

Have a great holiday and enjoy some time with the kids home from school.

Jodi Berens and family

Hi Kim,

Just thought I'd quick update you on Westin. Everything is going great - just can't wait until all the snow melts so we can get out and take more walks without slipping and sliding everywhere. Westin goes in tomorrow for his neutering, but today went in for his pre-op bloodwork and weighed in at a whopping 59 pounds!!!!! Needless to say he's definitely growing into his paws. I was just curious as to how his littermates were doing in comparison. He's doing great except he still thinks he's an 8 lb. shih-tzu! He wants me to carry him around in my arms like our littlest one. Try telling him he's almost 8x the size. Hope all is well there.


Thanks so much, Kim.

He sure looks like his mother! Especially the last photo. He's at the stage where he actually sees us and knows his name. I also decided for fun if I could teach him to sit and after three or so tries, he knows how to sit!

I'm continually amazed by him, both by his good temperament and how smart he is. Not too mention how loveable.


Hi Kim.

I hope you and your family had a good holiday.

Willie, Mary and I graduated from the puppy obedience class with flying colors. Willie is one smart puppy! (see attached graduation photo). Mid-way through the class the trainer approached us and wondered if we had considered having Willie become a therapy dog! She thought since he is so smart and relatively calm and likes people, he'd be a good candidate (We agreed - and were very proud!) and will start Intermediate Obedience in March.

I think we then take one or two more classes including one on being a therapy dog.

Yet again we can't thank you enough for bringing Willie into our lives. He's 5 months old now and weighs close to 60 pounds.

We started taking him to Shaggy Pines Dog Park in December (after he had all of his shots) and he's becoming a puppy legend in his own time! He loves - and I can't stress that enough - to play with any dog who's willing. Inevitably he ends up on the bottom, never gets angry and always goes back for more. So much fun and love. Take care.

Julie and Mary

Crosby has had a great first few days. He sleeps through the night for 8 hours and hasn't had an accident in the house. Of course, we don't let him be by himself very much! Our vet is very impressed with his health and the breeding practices of Dillon's. She's taken Dillon's card to recommend to other customers.

Crosby got his heart-worm pill yesterday and will get his second set of shots plus flea and tick two days before we leave for Florida. I will certainly be glad to continue his house training in a warmer place even though he loves the snow!


Muskegon, MI

Hi, Kim,

Crosby is having a great time wintering in Key West, Florida. We are very glad to be here for the housebreaking process as opposed to being in heaps of snow in Muskegon! It certainly is easier to just open the door than it is to don all that winter gear to take him outside.

Crosby is lots of fun, fur, and teeth. Oh, the teeth! But we know from experience that this too shall pass. He continues to be a very mellow dog, when he is not racing around like a bull in a china closet. We are so happy to have this little friend.


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