Thanks Kim .

Chase is doing very very well. He is the perfect puppy! Just lots and lots of fun, mischief, and love - and getting very spoiled. I am amazed by his wonderful, calm disposition. He really is the perfect pet for us.




Hi Kim,

just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we are enjoying Mr. Wiggles, our Chase. He is so intelligent and loving, and such a wonderful, calm disposition. He can be such a clown when he's in a playful mood. He has started puppy classes and has already learned to sit, stay, shake, speak,and loose leash walk. You were right also, he LOVES water. He sneaks into our pond or sits in our small fountain when no one is looking. He has become my son's swimming buddy. We are all just absolutely in love with him. As my son said, "he completes our family". Thanks again for such a fantastic animal!





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