I Just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation once again. You are just great and you have made this process so enjoyable. We are head over heels in love.

Talk to you soon...





Once again I have to express my appreciation not only for your wonderful breeding program but for how you care so much for each and every one of your pups AND for the families who purchase them. It certainly shows in Sawyer, Jr.!

Michelle and Xander





Well, I just had to send this photo to you. Isn't he a doll?? He was INCREDIBLE up there! We couldn't get him out of the water.

I think I've given your name and website to about 100 people. In fact, if you think about it, let me know when you breed Sawyer again because my brother is so impressed with our pup that he is interested in buying one as well.

This is a "dream dog" - he is absolutely perfect.

Anyway, I just had to send this photo to you...

Michelle and Xander



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