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We first became familiar with the breed as pet owners, when we purchased our first Golden puppy that was to become a companion for our family and three children. Little did we know at the time how our love for the breed would continue to grow into what has now become an intimate passion for our family. Since then we have added/imported beautiful Goldens from wonderful reputable breeders all over the world. It is our love for Goldens that we have chosen to raise them allowing families such as ours, the joy of owning and sharing the companionship they have to offer!

I am a member of the Michigan Gun Dog Club, GRCA and participating supporter of the American Kennel Club/ United Kennel Club. Our puppies are the result of careful and selective breeding Providing beautiful puppies bred for temperament, breed type and most all to produce wonderful companions or family additions.While Placing puppies into loving homes is first and foremost, however maintaining and acheiving a quality of excellence is our ultimate goal.

Our Goldens are loved and respected members of our family, each puppy bred is nutured, cared for and loved. While they spend most of their time enjoying the pleasures of being our beloved pets we do take pride in our dogs and their offspring so we do participate in confirmation events throughout the year. We strive to attain Championship titles on our dogs whenever possible.

 Our home is located in Central Michigan, built in the early 1900's and was originally part of an 80 acre estate that remains farmland yet today. The property also has a beautiful creek that runs through it, giving our Goldens plenty of room to do what they do best.

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